Cleaner and better transport in cities

With over 70% of EU citizens currently living in urban areas, urban mobility has a huge influence on the quality of life that they have. Yet traffic congestion, bad air quality, and inefficient transport systems continue to impact upon lives across the continent.

An approach is required that places citizens' needs first. By improving accessibility to, through and within urban areas and encouraging a shift towards more sustainable modes of transport, Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans do exactly this. Both cities and their inhabitants enjoy significant economic and environmental benefits.

As they integrate practices and policies from other sectors, SUMPs also help transport measures correspond with wider urban development plans. Transport then actively contributes to cities' efforts to become more sustainable and liveable. In doing so, SUMPs-Up fulfils its ultimate aim: to improve citizens' quality of life. 

New series of SUMPs-Up video interviews reveal SUMP stories of city partners

Each of the seven SUMPs-Up city partners has its own unique SUMP story to tell to the world. Why and how did they develop their SUMP? How is their SUMP working? What plans do they have for the future? Find out the full lowdown in a recently released series of video interviews. All can be found on the project's YouTube channel.



New podcast zooms in on Eastern Europe to look at SUMPs with a different lens

A new podcast from the CIVITAS SUMP projects (SUMPs-Up, PROSPERITY and SUITS) sheds light on the challenges that towns and cities in Eastern and Central Europe face when developing and implementing their SUMPs. Hear seven cities from seven countries across the region discussing their unique local experiences and realities.


  SUMP 2.0 process to update EU SUMP Guidelines is well underway

Since their 2013 launch, the EU SUMP Guidelines have been the main SUMP reference document for mobility planners. Yet an updated version is needed that reflects  mobility trends to have emerged and SUMP experience gained since then. Through consultation with Europe's SUMP stakeholders, this is being created, and SUMPs-Up has a key role to play.



Upcoming events




SUMPs-Up workshop for Spanish mobility practitioners, Donostia-San Sebastian, Spain




6th European Conference on Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans, Groningen, The Netherlands




SUMPs-Up workshop: Financing and procurement for sustainable urban mobility, Groningen, The Netherlands




CIVITAS Forum Conference 2019, Graz, Austria